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How it works
How we make people able to buy products from the apple store website with our discounts.
How to make order
It’s very simple. You choose what you want to buy at the time when you are satisfied with the price, press Buy and pay for your order. (Just be aware that you have only an hour after you have placed an order to do payment. After this time the order will be automatically canceled). Wait for confirmation of dispatch to the address you provided. Just like in a regular store, but we are not a store in the conventional sense. We do not sell products. We offer our own discount and on your behalf ordering goods at the online apple store on your name and address.
How do we form the discount
The discount is formed by our advertising pool that accumulates due to different methods of advertising used on our website. With a certain period of time, price of the products published on our website will decrease until it suits someone from the users and he will make the purchase at a given price. After the sale, the price of the product once again will return to the original price, which is equal to the price on the apple store (in selected region), and will start to decrease again. The discount amount and the price reduction depend on the activity on the website. The more people are watching the price of products, the faster it is reduced.
Payment order
Payment of the selected product is made on our website. After receiving the payment, we are purchasing for you the chosen item on the apple store. The difference in the price of the product on our website and on apple store we provide to the user as the discount. The delivery of the selected product is carried out by the apple company. That’s why we are able to sell the products only in those countries and regions, which are listed on the apple store website and the prices which are related to the country and region of delivery. Return / replacement of the product is made through the application form on our website in strict compliance with the rules of the return / replacement listed on the apple store website.
Select an eligible item. We wiil handle the rest

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