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About Bitefruit

My name is Maksym Zaremba. I am the creator of the project Bitefruit.

Want to know how I came to the unique, incredible, stunning, fascinating and simply awesome idea of the project that will easily become Unicorn and eclipse the success of large corporations? Really want to know? Sure, but let me first tell you about the Bitefruit project.

The original idea of a simple blog grew into an existing project. Before that I’ve worked at the small Portuguese company as a programmer, and additionally was working remotely in setting up various advertising campaigns for different customers. In my spare time I was developing my fruit project. I’ve decided to start working with Apple products simply because their products do not require any additional advertising promotion, however, in the future I hope that my project will grow into a catalog of the most interesting devices that could be purchased at amazing prices and into a great community, where participants will exchange various information about the ways to save money when buying products. I’ve been doing this project for such ordinary people like me.

Welcome to my startup bitefruit.com

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