• apps-iphone-hide
    How to hide any icon on the home screen without jailbreak on iOS 9

    As we all know there is no possibility to hide stock applications on the iOS 9, however some users found an operating system error that can be exploited. All of the pre-installed applications on the iPhone and iPad and even system applications can be hidden by using this method. It also, doesn’t require jailbreak, and it is totally legitimate. (more…)

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  • MacOS-Pasword-Reset
    Forgot your password for Mac? Recover it easily

    Password protection is a very popular method to protect unauthorized access to your computer. It is usually composed by combination of username and password. It may not be hundred percent secure, but it ensures that other users cannot easily access your account. The problem arises when we lose or forget this access data and cannot get into the system to change it. Below, we will show you how quickly you can recover your login information on Mac OS X. (more…)

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  • 5 tips to make your iPhone super safe

    The iPhone is very safe device and after introducing Apple ID and password to access the system, hardly anyone will be able to obtain any inside information from the device. Later, with the new biometric reading system, which appeared in the iPhone 5S, there is no need to put password to increase the protection of data on the iPhone. But as the saying goes, better safe than sorry, so we provide you with 5 tips to make your iPhone super safe. (more…)

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