• apple-touch-id
    The iPhone 6 can be hacked the same way as the iPhone 5S

    Apple’s new iPhone 6 contains the same vulnerability that hackers can take advantage of what was in the previous version of the smartphone. It’s not easy but it is possible. As you might remember the iPhone 5S Touch ID was bypassed with the help of fake fingerprint created with a high resolution camera and laser printer. (more…)

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  • New-Iphone-5S-Gold-edition-
    iPhone 5s is the best compact smartphone

    The iPhone 5s is the best smartphone with compact screen size of 4 inches and it is difficult to argue, as the majority of competitive solutions are low cost mobile phones, which are hard enough losing to the flagship device from the same manufacturer. The relevant study of existing offerings in the marked shows that the iPhone 5s is the best choice in terms of hardware and design, despite the fact that the price of 2 years old smartphone still remains high. (more…)

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