• Apple-II-computer
    Private collector created the most complete museum of Apple

    Over the years Apple released so many products that are true milestones of technology and showing the path that will be followed. Hardly to know all of these equipment, but everything got easier with the opening of a new museum of Apple, created by a private collector. (more…)

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  • apple-technology-ic
    Technologies that have become popular because of Apple

    “To invent something new we have to forget the old” – that’s the philosophy of the Apple. A lot of people on the Internet are talking about Apple’s potential abandonment of 3.5mm jack in new iPhones, but they forgetting the fact that Apple is leading Company in development of new technologies and also it is able to make old technologies to become mainstream. Apple didn’t invent the fingerprint sensors, yet the Apple is the one who turned that technology into mainstream and nowadays all of the manufacturers use it. There are a lot of other examples. Our fellows from BGR have listed 7 technologies that turned popular because of Apple. (more…)

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