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iPhone 7 Plus Review

iPhone 7 Plus is one of those products that are designed for users which need a larger display. Should you upgrade to the new model though? Just like the iPhone 7, the Plus comes with 32GB of storage but it also provides you with more storage if you want, it delivers 128 and 256 GB. Is this a good idea? Yes, at this price you get quite a bit of value for your money.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus


The design for the iPhone 7 Plus is pretty much the same as the previous model. The lack of a headphone jack leads to a lot of frustration. On the other hand, water resistance is a very pleasant addition. The difference you will see is that the device does have two cameras on the back. The fact that things are pretty much the same in the design compartment is definitely not an encouraging thing, but the value you receive is good so I do understand why the Apple decided to keep a similar design and features.

Waterproofing is very powerful and I, in particular, like the way how it is implemented here. The device is fully waterproof and it does bring in front amazing results here.


The same display is used here too, there are more colors though so your images and videos will look better. The resolution is Retina Full HD and its size is still 5.5 inches with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. The Apple didn’t perform any changes here, but then again they shouldn’t do any. Although Apple stated that the brightness and saturation of colors was increased by 25% in the new models of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, however I was not able to notice that with my eyes. The iPhone 7 Plus screen is very good and it does its job without a problem.


The main feature of the device – dual rear camera. The smartphone has a dual module with two lens groups: a wide-angle lens (or rather, the standard 28mm) and the so-called a telephoto lens with a focal length of 56 mm. Interestingly, the maximum aperture of both modules is different: f/1.8 for 28mm and f/2.8 for 56mm. With the help of the second module, Apple implemented a 2x optical zoom – it means, that the image will not lose quality if you decide to 2x zoom it. Switching occurs instantly at the touch of a button in the standard application Camera. Also, you can adjust the zoom up to 2x with the help of the scroll. Same as digital zoom up to 10x, which is after the value of 5x provides very poor quality, especially in low light conditions. But with a good light conditions, the iPhone 7 Plus shoots really great, even inside the building. While 12 MP cannot provide you with serious details, it is still possible to crop the image without losing much of the quality. Apple claims that the new camera of the iPhone 7 Plus transmits the colors and shades much better than its devices of the past generation, and this is true.

OS and performance

During my tests I was able to see that the iPhone 7 Plus does a good job in regards to its performance. iOS 10 makes the most out of the new A10 chip used here and there was no hassle nor any hiccups while using this product. The control center is easy to access, the widgets don’t seem to have an impact on performance and overall I like how fast everything works. Apple said that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus got new processors for image processing, which are 60% faster and 30% efficiently handling the tasks.
3D Touch receives a little more stuff to do, but honestly the rest is pretty much the same. That’s not a bad thing for sure, but things could be better in the long run. Apps load fast and the games run smoothly so there’s nothing to complain here.

Battery life

I am impressed with the fact that iPhone 7 Plus does last for an entire day. It’s something uncommon nowadays, but this model does it. The 2900mAh power pack found here is better than what you can find on the previous Plus model and the battery life is very good. And the entire day battery life comes after a lot of calls and plenty of usage. This is very nice and it helps especially if you don’t work at an office and you never have the time to charge it all day long. It will still require a charge during the night if you want it to last during the next day though, so there’s that.


As a whole, the iPhone 7 Plus is a great device. The issues from iPhone 7 come here as well and the lack of a headphone jack is very disturbing. Waterproof protection (IP67 standard) works great, but during the rain it is very problematic to use the device – because of the water drops the touchscreen begins to live his own life – freely scroll through pages or click on the extra buttons. There’s nothing you can do, after all it is not completely waterproof smartphone. However, there is a water protection and that’s already good.
Talking about the iPhone 7 Plus it is a good tool for those, who need a portable camera with a smartphone features. Yes, the Plus model is only superior because of its photo capabilities, because in my honest opinion it is not very convenient for everyday use. It has a lot of disadvantages: it still takes bad photos in the dark, it is almost impossible to use it with one hand and it has no headphone jack. But there is a camera, which is in many ways superior to the competitors and the system which gives the camera an opportunity to reveal its full potential.
If you get past that you will love the uniqueness provided by this product, its waterproofing, great dual camera system and nice battery life. Overall, it’s a solid investment if you want a good smartphone, especially if you are still having 5S or even 6 model.


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