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Top 5 smartphones of 2016 with the best camera

Engineering thoughts have reached the ceiling – the further improvement of the cameras is objectively impossible without a radical change in the design of the smartphones. All flagship models equipped with almost ideal, from a technical point of view, modules and to determine the winner, we have to go an alternative way.


Our testing technique is based on three pillars. It is the quality of the lenses of the optical system, the key properties of the camera sensor and the effectiveness of its work in difficult conditions without person’s interference in the process of shooting. So, let’s see what we got here.

5th place: Sony Xperia Z5


Title holder of the “best camera in Android environment”, this gadget received almost by default immediately after the presentation in February 2016. Affected by the reputation of the manufacturer, the dream came true of the majority of users and also received high scores of DXOMark. In fact, the scrupulous testers were able to find the flaws in all thoroughly advertised innovation.

Autofocus time of 0,03 seconds and 23 megapixels main camera matrix are called “revolutionary virtues” in the description of the Sony Xperia Z5. However, practical experience with chronometer has shown – speed of the smartphone’s reaction is below the stated. Regarding the megapixels, the more of them per unit area, the worse the result of each.

There is no middle ground, no optimal solutions, so to clarify the situation could be effective operation of the optical system of the smartphone. Unfortunately, this model suffers from overexposure of exposure and tends to “decorate” pictures with the artifacts in the form of highlights and shadows. A measure of the aperture F/2.3 is the most terrible in this particular ranking – therefore this smartphone takes the last place out of five.

4th place: LG G5


Brilliant application for leadership in the forward direction of conceptual modular systems – LG G5 takes a solid middle by default, which is needed to be transformed into a superhero by addition of external accessories. With the main one in this case, Cam Plus, testers have not been able to find common ground. Whether because of consciously excessive demands, according to the position of leader, whether because of a little controversial work of “intuitive lock of auto-focus”. That is, the test of the third criteria was clearly failed, but due to the originality of solution of camera design instead of minus they put zero.

Regarding the matrix and optics – 16 MPs and F/1.8 caused a discreet warm reviews. In addition, it was considered that the LG G5 has a camera with a pair of versatile modules and it provokes a curious user to learn new shooting skills. And it really helps to get more interesting and sensible images than with the “one-eyed” analogues – a well-deserved fourth place.

3rd place: HTC 10


From the prospective of the evaluation of technical possibilities – the smartphone should be honestly standing on the 2nd place in raking. In the sensor of its camera are not many megapixels, just 12.1, but they increased, to a width of 1.55mm. This, together with an aperture of F/1.8, means more light, better transmission of shadows, textures and appearance of the photographed objects. Autofocus – high-quality, quick, but a habit to put the exposure before each image still will be useful.

Devil is in the details, which is the case with HTC 10 is not too much, however the smartphone couldn’t pass the test worthy. Gadget is too “clever” or a bit “dully”, but the fact still remains – the tendency to be wrong with the exposure time is there. It manifests itself only when on automatic mode, but in fact this was the key condition for the test, so the path to the top of the ranking is closed.

2nd place: iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / SE


Apple has become a victim of its own game – 12 mega-pixels matrix and lens with F/2.2 iSight camera for so long remained a benchmark-optimal, that were perceived as outdated. A muted, low-contrast image, which won on the background of noisy, colorful, over-saturated colors pictures from android gadgets, naturally faded as HTC, Samsung and LG have mastered the new working techniques. iSight cameras are just like veterans among professionals, they are skillfully doing their job, but they don’t look so smartly as before.

There are no claims to the picture of the iPhone, it is good, but in the light of current trends – not great. On the other hand, the user is guaranteed to have the opportunity to get precisely this shot in almost any conditions, without doing some manipulations with camera. Reliable and easy operation of the intelligent camera system has been and remains the strongest part of iPhone. The choice of self-motivated, but lazy users.

1st place: Samsung Galaxy S7


The best smartphone in the world? Welcome to the topic of intense discussions. However, in all that relates to the camera work, today’s Korean flagship doesn’t have any worthy competitors. According to our tests, it beats any other smartphone camera. Whether in shooting through the snow, transmission of the texture of the wing of hummingbird, autofocus speed or sharpness when shooting underwater. Close to ideal, from the position of the consumer, the image quality is great and without noise and distortion.

Therefore, if you are buying smartphone exclusively for the best camera, we recommend you to choose a Samsung Galaxy S7. You will not regret it later.


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