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Popular Apps and Games on discount – April 18, 2016


Sunny ~ Sea & Ocean Sounds




Volume Sanity




Hitman GO

Numerous applications and games on the App Store daily changing price tags. Some of them become cheaper, some more expensive and some absolutely free. If you are always monitoring the App Store you might find some great deals, however if you don’t have time for that, we will do it for you. Here is the list of some good apps and games which are on discount right now!


Developer: Franz BruckhoffSunny ~ Sea & Ocean Sounds 9+


Application for the relaxation, which can be used for meditation or to quickly fall asleep. You can customize the perfect background sound using a different sound and set the volume of each of them. The sound library contains birds signing, water sound, crackling fire and others. Sounds are also equipped with a pleasant and peaceful backgrounds. The developers stating that they manually recorded all of the sounds from the nature using a high-end psychoacoustic microphone so it can transmit the sound the way we hear it.

Developer: Inexika Inc.iMoodJournal 4+


To better understand yourself, you need to be able to listen to yourself and also to record changes of your condition and mood. Of course, you can keep the old paper diary, but nowadays it is much easier to use a special application, which allows not only to record the mood during the day, but also helps to conveniently analyze charts. At first glance, iMoodJournal really resembles a girl’s diary, but it is only the first impression, in fact, the functionality of the program is very serious and useful. With the help of this app you can record your thoughts and feelings using a color scale of moods with custom names, create automatic alarms, so the app will remind you when it is time to check your condition and much more. And of course, the app allows you to share your mood with your friends on Facebook.

Developer: Coin Development, LLC.Volume Sanity 4+

Volume Sanity

Volume Sanity is a special application that allows you to set the volume limit on your personal device. Simple to use, just drag the volume bar to the optimal volume level and protect it with a password, so your kids will not be able to change it.


Developer: FDG Mobile Games GbRSlayin 12+


Slayin is an RPG made in the retro graphics with endless activities and rhythmic soundtrack. In this game you will be able to test your skills and abilities of spell-casting and sword mastering in action. At the start you will be prompted to select one of the six presented characters: knight, magician, jack, archer, tamer and ninja and after that you will start your journey where you will have to beat as many as possible monsters during the level. The more enemies you kill, the stronger becomes your hero and the more powerful weapons and spells he gets. But be careful, if your character dies, the game will be over and you will have to start all over again.

Developer: SQUARE ENIX INCHitman GO 17+


Hitman GO – game of its own format, it’s a bit confusing for Hitman fans. In general, there is no variations like in pc version of the game. Each level – is the selection of the right decision, the sequence of forethought actions of designers. There is no reason to re-do the missions – the game will not reveal a new side. However, it is a quite ingenious puzzle. As in Hitman game series you need to think everything in advance, for example, move to the corner to distract the guard and then sneak behind him. Complexity grows in perfect pace – you just solve one puzzle, as the game throws up a new, slightly more intricate, or adds a new element to the field.



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