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Useful, stylish and protective cases for iPhone

Last month I have already reviewed some functional and fashion cases for the iPhone. Since that, a lot of new cases appeared and I am glad to review the best of them on this article.


JIC – case that allows to record a phone conversation on the iPhone


The official version of iOS is not, and probably will never be able to surreptitiously record the phone conversation with the desired person. If you really need this kind of service – note the new crowdfunding project from IndieGoGo. Case called Just In Case (JIC) costs $29. For the money you get a case with built-in microphone and a drive for storage of recorded conversation (2 Gb SD card which can be expanded). You don’t have to connect it to your iPhone, which makes it a very interesting proposal.

Novelty can not only record a call on the iPhone in the mp3 format, but also can make a mark on the audio track, so it will be easier to find some important parts. The case is controlled by only two buttons – the first is responsible for the start of the recording and pauses, the other – for the playback of the conversation through the built-in rear panel speaker. The battery of the case lasts for 8 hours or work.


Just In Case is available in red, black, blue, yellow and green colors, there are versions for all Apple’s smartphones starting from iPhone 5. The first batch of JIC will be sent to customers in May 2016.

Popslate 2 – case with e-Ink screen for the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus


For years ago, the Popslate company released a self-titled case for iPhone 5, which was standing out of other accessories with a built-in e-Ink screen. The novelty became very poplar and the developers decided to create a new version of the case, this time for iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus. The developers of the accessory claim that in addition to all its advantages the E-Ink screen is also made with the use of special technology, so that it is resistant to mechanical damage.

Models for the 5.5-inch smartphones received a 4.7-inch E-Ink display, and cases for the smaller devices have been equipped with a 4.3-inches screens. At the same time, both versions have a pixel density of 200 dpi. Another positive point- built-in battery. While the developers didn’t indicate its capacity in the description says that it is able to extend the battery life of the gadget up to 9 hours.


You can already order the device on the IndieGoGo website for $69. In the future price of the cases will be doubled. Deliveries are scheduled for July this year.

Solid Suit – stylish case for iPhone 6 / 6s, which protects the smartphone


Most of people associate protective cases with the inconvenience they cause when using a smartphone. Often beautiful stylish cases perform purely decorative and do not protect the device when you drop the smartphone. On the other hand, really reliable protective cases are not always pleasing the eye. Evolutive Labs Company decided to fix the situation and introduced a stylish leather SolidSuit Case for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.


Users can choose between two models, one of which is made of high quality artificial leather and the second – from materials based on carbon fibers. As creators assure, only environmentally friendly materials are used to manufacture the cases. Accessories available in black and dark blue colors.

Through the use of EggDrop technology, the smartphone with Case Solid Suit will be able to withstand a drop from a height of more than 3 meters.

The thickness of the case is less than 2mm, and its weight – about 30 grams. Currently, anyone can pre-order the case on the Kickstarter page of the project. The price tag is £17. Deliveries are planned for the middle of May of this year.

FLIP IT – Case for iPhone with built-in selfie stick, stand and remote controller


The range of accessories for iPhone smartphone continues to grow with curious specimens. Thus, on the Kickstarter was presented Case for “Apple” smartphones with built-in stick, stand and remote control. The creators of the case are avid travelers and they drew attention to the disadvantages faced by iPhoneography community around the world.


First of all, to create some non-trivial shots often require additional equipment, capable of providing the correct angle and build an original composition. The third party devices occupy so much space and it is inconvenient to take them with you in the trip. That’s how the idea of FLIP IT case was born.


The case includes pull-out selfie-stick and stand, as well as a removable remote controller. This way, buying FLIP IT, you can save money on at least a pair of additional accessories. Price of the case will depend on the model of “Apple” smartphone: Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will cost $50 and for the iPhone 6S and 6s Plus – $55. You can already order the case on the official website of the developers or on the Kickstarter page. Deliveries will begin in June this year.


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