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All the news from the latest Apple Keynote event

The Apple Keynote presentations always bring us some latest news of the brand. The latest was no exception and Apple again showed what it knows to do best. There were several new novelties in various fields, returning to prepare the market for another revolution. So, let’s get to know the main and most important new features that Apple introduced on this Keynote.


Contrary to what is usual happening on Apple Keynote, this time most of the news were almost known or at least it was known what is planned to be presented on the event. The truth is that everything was confirmed and the news have emerged one by one confirming various leaks.

The new iPhone SE


The most anticipated news of yesterday’s event was the emergence of the new proposal from Apple in the smartphone field. After months of rumors and speculations, finally we got the iPhone with 4 inch display. This new iPhone is very similar to the previous iPhone 5S, but includes all the technology that Apple has in its latest models, thus made up a very interesting proposal for all those who find the new smartphones too big. Its lower price is also a great attraction.


The new iPhone SE has a SoC A9 64-bit and co-processor M9. It also brings a 12 MP camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. Same as the latest models, iPhone SE brings Touch ID, allowing you to be able to make payments on the Apple Pay network. The new iPhone SE will be available already on March 24 in some countries for the price of $399 for 16 GB. The new smartphone will reach most of the countries by the end of April.

New iOS 9.3


Together with the new iPhone SE Apple also announced the arrival of iOS 9.3, which is now available for everyone. The new features in this version, as we previously talked about, are new Night Shift mode, enhanced Notes, News, Health and Apple Music applications. In the case of Notes there is an increased protection with the possibility of using passwords to protect your notes.

Apple re-invented the iPad

Also, as was known for some time, Apple was preparing to radically change their iPad. After we have seen the new iPad Pro it became clear which way Apple goes – the new model should have smaller dimensions while keeping the performance at high level.


By creating this new iPad Pro 9,7 inches, Apple wants to bring the full power of the iPad Pro for 200 million iPad users. Therefore, the new model includes the same features of larger and older model. iPad Pro 9.7 combines all the top specs into a more portable and more adjusted to mobility model.


The new iPad Pro comes with a SoC A9X 64-bit and also integrates the co-processor M9. Another highlight is the camera of 12 MP, allowing to shoot videos in 4K, 4 audio speakers and obviously the support for the new iOS 9.3. The iPad Pro 9,7” will cost $599 for 32 GB version and $749 for 128 Gb. Also, the 256 GB version will be available for $899. According to Apple, the new iPad pro will be on pre-sale starting already this week, on March 24 and will hit stores the next week from March 31.

Liam – The iPhone recycling robot

One of the concerns that Apple has had over the years is the conservation of nature and the preservation of the environment. After setting a goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy in its stores and offices, a goal that is close to comply with the 93% that has already, Apple returns to show a social awareness by showing Liam. This robot is dedicated to the recycling of the iPhones.


Liam automatically scans old iPhones, analyzes each component and disassemble the iPhone by separating every single detail. This separation allows to reuse materials in the manufacture of parts of other equipment. According to Apple, old parts of iPhones are used in the creation of solar panels and other hardware. This process makes the dismantling circuit a very interesting form of recycling.

Apple doesn’t specify how many Liam robots they have in activity, but noted that it was the company’s own engineering department that developed it.

The new look for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was also one of the subjects of this Keynote. Apple once again presented new bracelets, with brighter and more appealing colors, preparing the Apple Watch for the summer. The price of Apple Watch has been also set to a lower value, costing $299 now.


The Apple TV is more interactive

Apple TV was entitled to some novelties on this Apple event, with the release of the final version of tvOS 9.2. Also you can already install this new version on your Apple TV. The biggest news in this update is the incorporation of Siri that through dictation mode, let’s you search on the App Store or enter passwords by voice, eliminating the use of the keyboard.


The tvOS 9.2 also includes access to iCloud photo library, providing access to the taken and uploaded photos to iCloud from iPhone, iPad or Mac directly from the Apple TV.

In addition to these new features, Apple TV now supports Bluetooth keyboards and now, users have the ability to organize applications into folders and add podcasts applications. Version 9.2 of tvOS has been in beta for several months and will be from now available to everyone.

These were the biggest news that Apple presented during the Keynote event. After months of speculations it was confirmed everything that was being spoken. The new iPhone SE was presented, as well as the new iPad Pro with smaller dimensions. These products will now be brought to the market and loyal consumers will have access to them.

If you want to watch the whole Apple Keynote presentation, check the video below.


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