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Crazy experiments with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6S: Video

Did you ever think what would happen with the iPhone if you burry it in the snow for a day, roll over with the tank, cook in the coca cola or, for example, pour gallium on it? We will show you the results of crazy crash tests of Apple device. We cannot guarantee that in the process of filming no iPhones were injured. So, nervous and fans of Apple products are not recommended to watch this compilation.


There are numerous bloggers on YouTube who are making experiments with the iPhones, however no one can beat the TechRax. These guys are really crazy and with enviable frequency making weird things with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to test their strength and durability. I decided to present you the compilation of most interesting experiments. Hope you enjoy!

Buried Alive

The main hero of this video became the iPhone 6 Plus. Author wanted to find out whether the Apple device work after a night spent in a snowdrift. As it turned out, the smartphone was not affected by biting cold and after spending 24 hours in the snow it is still working.

Danger of Coca-Cola

Everyone knows the fact that Coca-Cola is harmful to the human body, but what effect it has on a brand new iPhone 6?

As a result of “thermal treatment” demonstrated on the video above, the iPhone 6 was covered with durable black scurf and stopped working. In addition, the protective glass has been peeled off.

Stuffing your turkey

What we can stuff the turkey with on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day? Have you ever tried to stuff it with the iPhone 6? Delicious!

New Wallpapers

There are several ways to install new wallpapers on the iPhone 6, which are known by all users. However, guys from TechRax offering another way to create your own, unique wallpaper. Do not try it at home!

As shown on video, the more time you touch your iPhone with a hot iron, the stranger will become a wallpaper. If it is not enough for you and you still feel that your phone is not unique, then just hit it several times with a hammer, as it done on the video.

Tank vs iPhone

On this video you will see two apple devices laid on the hood of the car and the tank will drive over them.

As a result of this test, only one smartphone was able to partially survive – Siri was working and the screen was showing some signs of life. Additionally, specialists from the service center managed to extract the hard drive, which has a video made by the iPhone 6 Plus during the collision with the tank.

Ducati Burnout

If your iPhone 6s screen is a bit scratched, then you definitely need to polish it with the help of motorcycle. Just like on the video below.

Ironically, the iPhone 6s is not just survived such humiliation, but remained in working condition.

BMW vs iPhone 6 Plus

Driving over the iPhone 6 Plus with the BMW, you will get the same working smartphone and remarkable portion of surprise.

Boiling water

As shown on the video above, the iPhone 6 crashed after 9 seconds of cooking. Interestingly, the iPhone 5s during this experiment lasted 17 seconds, iPhone 5C – 29 – 31 seconds and Samsung Galaxy S5 survived several minutes of boiling.

Liquid Nitrogen

On this experiment, the iPhone was placed in liquid nitrogen for several minutes. Frozen iPhone continued to work, but after hitting it with hammer, the body of the device twisted and display shattered.

iPhone 6 Plus vs 50 Cal

What do you think will happen with the iPhone 6 Plus if it gets shot with Barrett M82A1 riffle? Just watch the video below.

Gallium vs the iPhone 6

Gallium is a lightweight metal which is liquid at room temperature. It looks like the substance of which was made the “evil” Terminator T-800 in the second part of the famous movie.

iPhone 6, although it was previously scratched and left under a layer of gallium for a night, yet continued to work tolerably well even after such suffering.

How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop an AK-74 Bullet?

Well, it is unlikely that the iPhone will be able to save you from the AK-74 bullet – certainly you will need more than 5 iPhones stacked.


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