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News about Education apps on iOS 9.3

Yesterday we have talked about the new web page that Apple created to highlight some of the main innovations of the next version of its operating system for mobile devices, iOS 9.3. Today, Apple added another special page where you can find all the news regarded to the education updates. The page highlights four new features: Share iPad among students, new Classroom app, Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs for schools.


So, let’s take a quick look at the new features.

Shared iPad for students

Sometimes it is not possible that each student has their own iPad, however now it is possible to share one iPad between several students, thanks to the ability to have multiple logins on the devices. Apple highlights four features of this new tool:

  • Fast, easy access to materials – once student uses his own login to the system he has an access to all of his apps, documents and books.
  • Photo ID – each account can have the student’s photograph which facilitates the search for the right account.
  • Pick up where you left off – by using intelligent caching, students can start their sessions exactly as where they left it.
  • Simpler Login – younger students may have simpler logins such as 4-digit PIN code.

New Classroom app

The updated Classroom app allows teachers to focus on what is really their main job – educate, ensuring that all of the students are accessing the same educational content. The new app allows teachers to:

  • See what their students see or do on the iPad
  • Share the work of a particular student on the blackboard if it is connected to an Apple TV (connection via AirPlay)
  • Open and lock apps with “Remote Control” to ensure that students are focused on a certain subject
  • Reset forgotten passwords, so there is no need to call a school system administrator

Apple School Manager

This tool is intended for all administrators allowing them to create Apple IDs, create courses and access everything that is necessary so that the iPads work properly in school. Unlike the previously mentioned features, it works on Macs or PCs via any browser. The manager allows you to:

  • Purchase and distribute apps for all iPads inserted in the platform
  • Create accounts with different permissions for students, teachers and administrators
  • Create Apple IDs, purchase content, manage device and more with built-in setup assistant
  • Manage logs of the devices that are inserted in the platform
  • Create and distribute educational content

Managed Apple IDs for schools

Managed Apple IDs is a unique and new to school environment. The normal Apple IDs allows users to store documents in iCloud and register courses on iTunes U and others.  Managed Apple IDs allows to easily reset passwords, audit accounts and create mass IDs.


iOS 9.3 brings many new features and, as we can see, the education component will be one of the main bets of this new version of the operating system.


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